Counter espionage devices - Acoustic and vibroacoustic noise generators

SEL SP–157 - acoustic and vibroacoustic protection system of speech information

System is a technical mean of information protection, intended for protection of premises from soliciting through walling and engineered techincal communications. Operating principle is based on forming wideband acoustic and vibroacoustic masking noise interferences (analogue white noise or mixed with a digital speech-like interference). The system consists of a central generator unit and connected to it by wire passive electromagnetic (vibration) or electrodynamic (acoustic) transducers.

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SEL SP-157/VP - Vibrational electromagnetic transducer

Vibrational electromagnetic transducer in hermetic housing.

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SEL SP-157/AS - Acoustic emitter

Acoustic emitter (passive acoustic speaker) SEL SP-157AS is used in line with system of acoustic and vibroacoustic speech information protection for creation of acoustic noise signals.

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SEL SP-821 - IR remote control

Infrared remote control is designed for use as a part of acoustic and vibro-acoustic protection systemSEL SP-157.

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