Counter terrorism facilities - Explosives detectors

PILOT-M - Explosive Vapor Detector

Portable explosive vapor detector "Pilot-M" has unique specifications and can detect both vapours and trace quantities of explosives indoors and at any means of transport (cars, planes, rail-way, and ships).

Explosives vapour detection is ensured by assay collection from the inspected object surface or its inner space and subsequent analysis of these samples for the presence of typical componentry. Remote trier with grid thickener (part of delivery set) allows taking samples in dusty and smoky areas. Moreover, there is a method of taking samples by special sampling swabs, which are later warmed up in a sample heater, which is also is included in the delivery set.

Pilot-M allows detection of trace quantities of explosives based upon TNT, NG, PENT (PETN), RDX, HMX, Tetryl, cellulose nitrocompound gunpowders, including ones on their base:
SEMTEX (plastic and elastic explosives on RDX & PENT base or their medley), B-type compositions (-20, -40, -60, , ) * , C-type mix (C1, C2, C3, C4, -4, -5, -7, -12, -11, -32 etc) * , H-6, HBX, Minol-2, Amatol, Primacord, Primasheet, Tetritol, Tritonal, Cordit N, A-IX-1, A-IX-2, A-IX-20, explosives of Octols & Octols families and some other substances.

* - explosives of Russian origin.

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Lornet-0836 - Double probing frequency non-linear junction detector NEW!

The non-linear junction detector LORNET-0836 is the indispensable tool for quick and reliable detection of devices containing semiconductor components. It can be used for counter-surveilance search works in premises (covert transmitters identification), as well as for location of explosive devices outdoors. The DPF (double probing frequency) technology with a patent pending antenna system places it truly apart from the competition.

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NR-900EK "Eagle" - detector of mines and electronic triggers

Designed for detection of mines and explosive device with electronic fuses (activation system) concealed on the ground surface, slightly in the ground (snow) or soil, under the road pavement, in concealed in building structures and within various facilities.

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NR-12C - Handheld control-wire-line detector

NR-12C was made for engineer forces, law enforcement squads and security teams an intended for the field application. Its main task is to reveal IED command line, determine is location and trace its route.

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SMD-300 - selective pulse metal detector

Designed for searching of metallic items, their shape and dimensions evaluation against homogeneous background with possible metallic insertions, thin-wall metallic housings of electronic units concealed in building structures with regular reinforcement (floors, ceilings, walls).

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NR-MD - portable metal detector

NR-MD is designed for detection of objects with the presence of metallic elements on the surface and in the depth of harbouring various media (soil, snow, water, masonry, etc.).

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Anker-R - clockwork-actuated explosive devices detector

Anker-R is a secondary field detector (kind of noncontact parametric detector ) which remotely detects clock delayers as well as the explosive devices with working command decoders. It provides detection of mechanical, electromechanical and electronicelectronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, alive electronic remote control units as well as small multiple metal objects hidden on the body of a moving man. The Anker-R operates by remotely detecting weak currents inside I.E.D. actuators, based on analyzing reradiated RF signal.

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Anker-4E - detector of explosive devices timers

The device is designed for contactless detection of timers and remote controlled explosive devices. The device detects mechanical (clockwise based), electromechanical and electronic (including wrist-watch based) timers, and also electronic remote controlled explosive devices occupied by decoders (pagers, cellular telephones based), by their electric, magnetic, acoustic and vibrating emissions.

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